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The area which is now Trelissick Park has a long history - predating its Park status. The Trelissick Park Group (TPG) history is much more recent - officially commencing with the first meeting of the Group on 17 June 1991. The Trelissick Park Group (TPG) is a group of volunteers working on restoration and conservation of the historic park area adjacent to the Ngaio Gorge in Wellington.


Onslow Historian publications by the Onslow Historical Society on the Trelissick Park Group - Volumes 39 and 40.

Peter Reimann has documented the group's history in detail in two Onslow Historical Society publications - Volumes 39 and 40 - both published in 2013. The History of Trelissick Park Group - Part One (Volume 39) covers from 1991 to 2000. Part Two (Volume 40) of the history covers the years 2000 to 2013. Many thanks to the Onslow Historical Society for its help in documenting the history of the area.

and thanks for their efforts in scanning these documents and making them available to everyone. [These are lengthy documents and may take a while to download.]

Part 1 (Volume 39)


Part 2 (Volume 40)

The link below on the Group history is much abbreviated but it is updated yearly as the TPG continues with its work in the park.

abbreviated (but more up to date) Trelissick Park Group History

The below link is a short history of the Park primarily from the Trelissick Park Management Plan June 1995.

short Trelissick Park History

and a bonus treasure trove of pictures of early days of the Trelissick Park Group: Archive of Frances Lee photos of early Trelissick Park Group days

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